Researchers’ Blog Two Pipeline Sketches

I worked a bit on sketching today, thinking about what Kathy wrote in her last post to the Sandbox about making the pipeline as clear as possible (Immigration Pipeline, mock up v2).

In the first sketch I'm uploading (arrow based movement), I thought about the idea of placing arrows to represent each of the districts of origin on each Canadian city's branch of the pipeline. The arrows would stay in the same position, but be grayed out when no immigrants from that district go to that city in the particular month, and would light up and display the number who did if there were any. The non-movement of the arrows could be less distracting that the movement of dots, although I feel like it's less cool than if dots were possible.

In the second sketch, I drew up a potential layout to fit in a supplementary visualisation that provides information that could complicate the subway map if we tried to integrate it into it.

The (badly drawn) subway map would have all of the branches leading to a central line that then branches out to the Canadian cities, which I think would make the map look more simple by minimising the number of lines and not having lines that cross over each other. The pies, like before, would ideally shrink and grow as the timeline progressed.

By placing the subway map vertically and narrowing it a bit, the area to the right would be available for lower scope visualisations breaking some of the data down - there could be tabs for each of the Canadian cities and Chinese districts that would use arrows of varying thicknesses to more clearly show the flow of immigration from the district or to the particular city. The pies for the Chinese districts and Canadian city would again vary in size according to the number of immigrants. The 'Key' area at the bottom could also allow the user to choose to break the pies down by occupation, year of arrival, and perhaps age, to give more detailed insight into the demographic profile of the immigrants to and from different places. It also has the added benefit of clearly showing the proportions of immigrants that went to each city from a particular district, something that is not shown on the subway map.

One concern I have with this sketch is that the supplementary visualisation might not be that well connected to the main subway map - would it only be usable when the animation is not running? Does it seem like extra information that we didn't know how to place but didn't want to throw away?

Arrow Based Movement

Extra Info Vis Potential Layout