Researchers’ Blog Illustrator Mockups: Take 2

Here's a pair of mockups of the type Kathy described in her comment on the first set of mockups - instead of pies, there are actual gumball-type machines. Because fitting 4000 dots into a block seemed a little too detail-oriented, each dot here represents 10 people, but with the counters next to the names, I think the flow of individual people will still be quite clear.

I made two versions of this with a small difference between them - in the first, the dots are placed in order of departure - as the Canadian cities fill up, the user would be able to discern the order in which people arrived which could potentially show interesting trends if say Toronto received most immigrants from one district before 1914 but most of its immigrants from another after 1917. The downside of this is that the proportions are much harder to spot.

Because of that, I made a variation where the immigrants from the same district are grouped, which makes the relative proportions much easier to see.

Mockup 2 (Version 1)

Mockup 2 (Version 2)