Researchers’ Blog Visualization Ideas / Inspiration

I think there are still a lot of opportunities to improve the first pass we've presented the UBC team with, but in the meantime I've also been thinking about totally different ways we could visualize the data. A few thoughts:

Peoplemovin: I absolutely love the simplicity of this one! Instead of two bars on either side I'm imagining each major leg of the journey is a column of bars. Even better would be if mousing over a single line highlighted that person's whole journey from beginning to end -- or if highlighting a section of the bar made just those individuals stand out. I suppose this could be animated or broken up with a timeline, but think it would be interesting to do all of the records in one static view too. [also interesting that he made this in HTML5] See attached storyboard of what this might look like for Head Tax data.

A Migration Visualization from UIC School or Art & Design: I like how the arches are floating above so their paths don't interfere with points on the map.

Perhaps I've been following one too many visualization sites, but it seems like when in doubt, just about anything can be made into a subway-style map. Could be a useful way to help simplify an otherwise pretty expansive set of data. It seems like the potential connections / overlap among individuals / communities is at least over all more significant than the exact geographic location of their birth village (or really anywhere else).