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Hi all,

Following up on Ollie's mockups, I'm plugging away at the programming side of things. In an effort to understand the patterns in the data more clearly (and not spend inordinate time fine tuning the graphical look) I prepped this visualization. I'm curious what patterns people think are interesting here and even if what we are seeing is meaningful.

I was able to figure out the code to develop the splitting curves (kinda cool!) but largely this is a minor step from what we looked at last week in our meeting. [It will be a time-consuming process to program the gumballs so I want to make sure it is exactly what we want before I spend that time]

My hope is that we can use this as an analytical tool to identify interesting patterns before honing in on what the important variables or events are to highlight. If people are intrigued by the splitting curves version of this and might like to see it in the final version, you could also suggest ways to improve this tool to bring it closer to the latest vision.

onward, erik

Pipeline Image