Researchers, librarians, and archivists at many of the top universities, libraries, and archives in the world have collaborated with Chinese Canadian Stories to create and make accessible powerful new research tools. Digitization initiatives at Simon Fraser University Library and at the University of British Columbia Library have created searchable databases that allow online access to their digitized materials as well as collections gathered by researchers, librarians, and archivists at other universities and libraries. Browse through tens of thousands of images and objects in the Drs. Wallace and Madeline Chung Collection at UBC—the best collection of Chinese Canadian historical materials in the world—or find ancestors in the 97,000 records of the Chinese Head Tax Register of Canada, or search historical B.C. newspapers, including the Chinatown News and the Chinese Times. Chinese language resources such as the Chinese Times and a number of newly digitized Chinese language historical collections are searchable in Chinese, providing access to the many voices in Canadian history who spoke and wrote in Chinese.