We should celebrate those who were unjustly treated and struggled to make the world just. In 1872, the newly formed province of British Columbia took voting rights away from the Chinese. The politics of white supremacy imagined a ‘white’ Canada that would be cleared of them and of the First Nations peoples who were already here and upon whose territory we now live. From that moment on, Chinese Canadians fought to be treated as equals, struggling alongside others against discrimination and exclusion. They resisted the second-class status imposed by white supremacy, and in making Canada treat them fairly, forced Canada to become a fairer place. Sometimes it meant challenging discrimination, and at other times it involved quietly overcoming obstacles or creating events and organizations where Chinese Canadians could be safe and secure. Chinese Canadians joined together to hire the best lawyers to fight discriminatory laws. They organized Chinese Canadian sports teams to prove that when playing by the same rules, they were just as good or better. Everywhere that Chinese Canadians were unfairly discriminated against, they tried to make their lives and those of others better.