Researchers’ Blog Illustrator Mockup: Take 1

Hello! Here's a mockup I sketched in Illustrator just now that uses the gumball machine idea that Steph came up with. I didn't fill in the detailed info that would pop up when hovering over one of the pies, but I'll try and sort that out later today.

One thing to note: I'm still thinking a bit about how best to visualise the beginning and end of the time period where there would either be no migrants in China or in Canada - that implies the pies would not appear for one or the other set. My current plan is to have a white circle with a dotted line in the size of the highest number of migrants the pie had at any point. Again, I'll make another mockup later today to show what that looks like. Anyway, what do you think?

PS How do you embed images in these posts?

UPDATE: I've uploaded a mockup showing what things would look like while the animation is in progress if I used the white circle/dashed line idea.

Mockup 1 Beginning to End

Mockup 1