One-Stop Portal Website and Online Accessible Digital Archive for Chinese Canadian Projects Produced for CHRP

University of British Columbia
April, 2010 - March, 2012
Vancouver, BC
Project Details

The University of British Columbia (UBC) will undertake a project entitled "One-Stop Portal Website and Online Accessible Digital Archive for Chinese-Canadian Projects Produced for CHRP". This signature project will address the need identified by Chinese-Canadian organizations to create a single major repository of information about the Chinese Head Tax including stories/testimonials collected by fellow CHRP grant holders, and to make these resources available for posterity, both in material form and within a world class digital portal hosted by UBC. The project includes four complimentary components: i) a bilingual portal website; ii) a searchable digital archive accessible to the public via the portal; iii) two learning resources to use in tandem with the digital collections; and iv) three portable "Mobile Museum Kiosks" which will be installed in various locations in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, with content developed based on the information in the portal and archive, and updated regularly as new information is added.