The Head Tax, What’s That?

Productions Multi-Monde Inc.
November, 2010 - March, 2012
Montreal, PQ
Project Details

PMM will produce a one-hour documentary film examining how young Sino Quebecois view the issue of the Head Tax and Exclusion Act (HTEA) today and how they will keep this issue and the lessons to be drawn from it alive and relevant to their peers in the decades to come. A team of young Sino Quebecois filmmakers will follow their peers to explore the effects and impact of the HTEA on their families as well as on the wider Chinese Canadian community in Quebec. The film, available in French and English, will be in five chapters that can be used together or independently by teachers and other educators. PMM, together with the youth filmmakers, will tour the film Quebec-wide in schools and community centres and engage viewers in question and answer periods. The project takes as a starting point PMM’s ground-breaking film “Moving the Mountain (MTM)”, produced by William Ging Wee Dere and Malcolm Guy in the early 90s. This film revealed the significant impact of the HTEA on members of the Chinese community and on Canadian society and emphasized the long and intense struggle for justice which has led to some recent victories. This project begins where MTM left off by focusing on the next generation of Sino Quebecois youth and how the effects of the HTEA influence their vision of family and Quebec society.