Canada’s History, eh!? The Chinese Canadians

Ming Sun Benevolent Society.
January, 2011 - March, 2012
Vancouver, BC
Project Details

Ming Sun Benevolent Society will produce a graphic novel telling the story of the Chinese-Canadian experience from the 1800 to present date. It will be written and caricatured by David Wong, and geared to teenagers and young adults as an alternative to textbooks or online information. The comic book will be a collection of tales and past historic events narrated in an illustrated format. It focuses on the Vancouver Chinese-Canadian experience, but addresses issues that are shared by members of the community nationally. The plot and characters will be developed to touch, in particular, on the personal stories of the community under the Head Tax and Immigration Act and other historic events. It will provide creative responses to the exclusionary legislation, the official government apology, family re-unification, paper sons and orphaned families, Aboriginal-Chinese mixed marriages, and local heroes.