Historical Use of the Law as a Tool for Discrimination against Chinese Canadians – Phase 2

Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic. Toronto, ON
April, 2010 - December, 2012
Toronto, ON
Project Details

The Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic (MTCSALC) will carry outPhase two of a project entitled, "Historical Use of the Law as a Tool for Discrimination Against Chinese Canadians". Phase two ensures that Canadians become aware of this important part of Canadian history by making the project’s website accessible in three languages (English, French and Chinese). It also enriches the website and makes it more youth-friendly, a need that was identified during Phase one to extend the project's impact beyond legal and academic circles. The website will cover historical legislation at all levels of government in all provinces, as well as court cases from all levels including the Supreme Court of Canada; it will have the potential to be used as a comprehensive teaching tool in schools and other learning institutions.