Operation Oblivion

Media Monkey Productions, Inc.
January 2011 - December 2011
Cobourg, ON
Project Details

Through an online and permanent exhibit, as well as a national television broadcast in English and Chinese, this project explores the contributions of some of the 600 Chinese Canadians who volunteered to serve in the military in World War II, despite being denied citizenship, voting rights, access to professions, and often separated from their families, all due to the Chinese Exclusion Act. Beyond archiving the stories of these men and women, many of whose families were also victimized by the Head Tax, the project will raise awareness and contextualize these stories for all Canadians, and promote a presence of their experiences at the national Canadian War Museum. Using rare archival footage and materials and new interviews, little known stories from war veterans will be recounted, such as the exploits of the Chinese Canadian "Dirty Dozen," who trained for Operation Oblivion, a mission they were not expected to survive, and the story of Force 136 commandoes who went to Borneo to find Japanese forces that refused to surrender and convince them to repatriate. Organised in collaboration with Chinese Canadian community centres, the documentary film "Operation Oblivion" will be screened in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax.