Siu Yeh – A Midnight Snack –development and production of a play

The Firehall Theatre Society.
December, 2010 - November, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Project Details

The Firehall Theatre Society in Vancouver, British Columbia, will support the development and workshop production of Larry Wong's one act play, Siu Yeh - A Midnight Snack. The play introduces audiences to characters from Vancouver's Chinatown during the 1940's-50's and illustrates the effects of the Head Tax and restrictive immigration laws on Chinese-Canadians. The play will be performed in two workshops of 2 - 3 days each. There will be 4 workshop performances where the public will be invited to attend. Audience members will be asked to provide their feedback, impressions and suggestions. At the end of this project the Firehall Theatre Society will have a full length play ready for publication and production. The play will then be published as a chap book for distribution to other theatre companies in Canada, the U.S. and Great Britain. The Firehall Theatre Society will mount a professional production of the work and will solicit support from other theatre companies. This project provides members of the Chinese-Canadian community with a unique opportunity to shape Mr. Wong's play, a dramatic vehicle for commemorating their historical experiences in Canada, and an opportunity for a wider audience to share in these experiences.