Asian Heritage Month Youth Toolkits about the Chinese Head Tax

Chinese Canadian National Council, Toronto Chapter.
Sep. 2010 - Aug, 2011
Toronto, ON
Project Details

The Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO) will undertake a 12 month project entitled "Asian Heritage Month Youth Toolkits About the Chinese Head Tax", a program designed to educate youth and increase their understanding about the Chinese Head Tax and how this legislation affected Chinese immigrants, their families and the Chinese-Canadian community. CCNCTO will work with Chinese youth to develop a toolkit describing how to organize an Asian Heritage Month event about the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act in their schools. The project will provide an opportunity to learn about this history in a way that will engage youth from the Chinese community in a much deeper way, as they will be responsible for researching and teaching this material to other students. Youth participants will test, pilot and evaluate the toolkit materials in their school or community. The toolkit materials will be developed in English and Chinese so that the information is easily accessible to teachers, youth, newcomer Chinese youth, and Chinese parents. CCNCTO will develop an online resource kit.