From C to C

SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY (Teaching and Learning Centre)
April, 2009 - October, 2010
Vancouver, BC
Project Details

The Learning and Instructional Development Centre of Simon Fraser University will create a comprehensive and interactive educational program in English, Cantonese and Mandarin consisting of a learning package, interactive website, and documentary. This comprehensive educational program will examine the impact of the Head Tax imposed on Chinese immigrants, will place the broader immigration legislation affecting Chinese-Canadians in context with the current reconciliation policy, and will highlight the contributions that the Chinese-Canadian community has made to building Canada. Educators of high schools and elementary schools within the Vancouver Lower Mainland will have a cutting-edge learning tool that could potentially reach as many as 114,000 students. To impact a broader audience, the video documentary will be aired on Fairchild TV which will be viewed by the Chinese-Canadian Community and the general public.