Chinese Canadian Women: 1923-1967

June, 2009 - March, 2011
Toronto, ON
Project Details

The Multicultural History Society of Ontario will create a website to showcase the obstacles and accomplishments of Chinese–Canadian women from the introduction of the Exclusion Act in 1923 to 1967. This project is the first under CHRP to specifically address the experiences of Chinese-Canadian women. The website will consist of an online exhibit including Chinese–Canadian women recounting their personal experiences, a complete database containing photographs, interviews and other archival material, lesson plans and a guide for teachers to be used with the exhibit; games based on the life experiences of Chinese–Canadian women the Society has interviewed, and contests and "how to's". The project will provide a permanent, comprehensive database, easily accessible for use by educators and youth, Chinese-Canadians, first generation immigrants and the general public. The project offers Canadians across generations and of diverse backgrounds opportunities to become educated and to celebrate how Chinese women laid the groundwork for a vibrant community, establishing schools, cultivating allies and creating businesses. Chinese-Canadian women and their descendants in particular will feel commemorated, and that their past experiences have been recognized.