Chronology 1788-1884

Over 200 years ago, the first Chinese landed on the western coast of Canada. Initially Chinese immigrants were segregated physically, socially and culturally from Canadian society. Through time, they have integrated into society and made significant contributions to the growth and prosperity of a multicultural Canada. They have formed a partnership with other ethnic groups to build a better future for our beloved country. This Chronological Chart of 222 years of Chinese in Canada serves to briefly review the history of Chinese migration, segregation, integration and contributions in Canada.

We wish to express most sincere thanks to Dr. David Chuenyan Lai, Professor Emeritus of Geography at the University of Victoria and Adjunct Professor with the David Lam Centre at Simon Fraser University, for his research and writing of the English text for the chart. Thanks are extended to Ms. Liang Xiaomei for translating the English text to Chinese and Mr. Martin Tzou to French. Thanks are also extended to Dr. Jan Walls, SFU Professor Emeritus and Founding Director of the David Lam Centre for his invaluable assistance in editing the text and assistance with organizing the project. Further, thanks are owed to David Choi, Adjunct Professor with the David Lam Centre for his enthusiastic and tireless support of this project. I would like to recognize Mrs. Edith Lo for her administrative and organizational support and Mr. Nelson Leung and Ms. Winnie Leung for their professional advice on the layout and production of the chart. Finally, our appreciation goes out to our sponsors. Without their support the project would have been impossible.

Paul Crowe
Director, David Lam Centre