Political Participation

Having obtained the franchise, the Chinese began to participate in politics. Chinese war veterans succeeded in becoming elected officials.  These included Douglas Jung who was elected MP for Vancouver Centre in 1957 and George Ho Lem who became a Calgary City Councillor in 1959 and, subsequently, MLA for Calgary in 1975.  Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, many Chinese Canadians were elected as MPs, MLAs, Mayors and City Councillors. Dr. Vivienne Poy (1998-) and Dr. Lillian E. Dyck (2005-) are two Chinese Canadian senators, and Governor General Adrienne Clarkson (1999-2005), Dr. David Lam, Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia (1988-1995), Norman Kwong, L-G of Alberta (2005-2010), and Philip Lee, L-G of Manitoba (2009-) are all of Chinese ethnic origin. The three Chinese Canadian MPs are Michael Chong (2004-), Olivia Chow (2006-) and Alice Wong (2008-).