Socio-Economic Integration

The federal government has promoted tolerance and respect for ethnic diversity by enacting the Bill of Rights, the Official Languages Act, the Multiculturalism Act, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Most of the post-1967 Chinese immigrants have easily adapted to a Canadian way of life and are fully integrated into the host society. In Victoria, for example, Western associations such as Kiwanis and the Freemason Grand Lodge include Chinese members whereas Chinese organizations such as Victoria (Chinatown) Lions Club, Lioness Club, and Chinese Commerce Association have many active Western members. Chinese and Western entrepreneurs and developers are partners in housing, commercial and industrial ventures. Intermarriage is very common, especially among younger generations. Chinese Canadians are chosen to serve as Honorary  Colonel or Captain in Military Reserve Forces. Six Chinese Canadians have been elected as university chancellors: Dr. Robert Lee of the University of British Columbia (1993-1996); Dr. Milton Wong (1999-2002) and Dr. Brandt Louie (2005-2011) of Simon Fraser University; Dr. Ron Lou-Poy of the University of Victoria (2002-2008); Dr. Vivienne Poy of the University of Toronto (2003- 2006); and Dr. Raymond Chang of Ryerson University (2006-).