Rocky Railway High

Arti-Smoking Corporation.
March, 2011 - Aug 31, 2011
Project Details
Arti-Smoking Corporation will create a hands-on interactive art project about Chinese railway workers, with features such as a series of multi-media artworks (photographs, paintings, digital media, etc.), 5,000 pieces of artwork and writings collected from the public, a blog, and a documentary video. The project will bring attention to the effects of the Head Tax and Exclusion Act on Chinese railway workers, their families, and the Chinese-Canadian community. It will enhance awareness and recognition of the contributions of Chinese railway workers, and bring closure to the Chinese-Canadian community by honouring those that perished under the often dangerous conditions while the CPR was being built. Arti-Smoking Corporation will travel by train and bicycle along the sections of the railway constructed by Chinese workers in the Rockies, Alberta and British Columbia. The goal is to capture the stories of early Chinese pioneers by visiting the historical sites and regions where they resided and worked. The trip will begin in Alberta and end at a cemetery where Chinese railway workers were buried in Victoria, B.C.